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Material Library Demo 0.0.5
Rey Pham
Material Library is an Open Source Android library that back-portMaterial Design components to pre-Lolipop Android.*Permission:READ_CONTACTS - the app showcase a contact input view so It needthis permission.You can find the project on Github ( ).Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps provided thatyou cite this project and include the license in your app.Material Library is inspired by Google's Material Design(
4096 Hexa - super 2048 puzzle 1.1.1
Rey Pham
Most addictive mobile game 2048 with more features and challenges.Added many new gameplay elements like hexagon playboard, 6 waysmove, block tile, ...* REVIEWS *- “4096 Hexa” is still able toprovide tremendous fun and keep a player occupied for a good amountof time. - 4096 Hexa game app is 2048 on steroids.- An excellent puzzle game that both fans andnon-fans of 2048 should take to -* HOW TO PLAY*- Swipe to move the tiles.- Merge 2 tiles with same value tocreate larger value tile (2 + 2 > 4, 4 + 4 > 8, ...)- When a4096 tile is created, the player wins.* FEATURES *- Support Androidversion 2.2+.- Flat style, smooth animation.- Undo up to 2 times.-Achievements and Leader board.- Keep playing for High score aftercollected 4096 tile.- New challenge with block tile.* RESTOREPURCHASE *- When you click "Remove Ad" option in menu screen, Itwill check your purchase list and not charge you again if youalready purchased "Remove Ad" item.* NEW PERMISSIONS *-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : needed for saving app's screenshot.If youhave any issues with the app, please contact me via:[email protected] game!
SlideLayout Demo 1.1
Rey Pham
SlideLayout is an Open Source Android library that allowsdevelopers to easily add SlideMenu feature. It supports 4 menu ateach side of content view concurrently.You can find the project on Github ( ).Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps provided thatyou cite this project and include the license in your app.SlideLayout is inspired by Cyril Mottier's post (
WallRey - Free 10000+ Elegant HD 4K wallpapers 1.2.4
Rey Pham
WallRey is a wallpaper application with huge collection of highquality photos. All photos are from Unsplash site and free todownload and use. New photo will be added daily. Keep checking soyou don't miss any fabulous wallpaper. The app is available for allAndroid devices running version 4.1 or higher KEY FEATURES ✓ Morethan 10000 photos with high resolution. Free to download, share anduse as you want. ✓ Muzei support. ✓ Easily browse photos bycollections or categories. ✓ Easily search by keywords. ✓ Newphotos are updated daily. ✓ Beautiful Material Design UI. PROFEATURES ✓ Easily add and manage your own list of favorite photos.✓ More will be added in future. PERMISSION • Internet connection:to retrieve data. • Write external storage: to download and savephotos. • Set wallpaper: to set photo as wallpaper. CONTRIBUTOR •Thanks Mariella Rinaldi for Italian translation. FEEDBACK ANDSUGGESTIONS We'd love to hear from you! • Email:[email protected] • Twitter:
Unit & Currency Converter Pro★ 1.0.2
Rey Pham
Smart unit and currency conversion app with simple yet elegantmaterial design.Material Unit Converter is now available for allAndroid devices running version 4.0 or higher. This app has simpleyet beautiful Material Design UI. It supports 14 important unitcategories and currency conversion that meet your needs anddemands.KEY FEATURES✓ Completely free, no Ads.✓ Currency Converterwith more than 160+ World Currencies and their latest exchangerates. ✓ Support 14 important unit categories: Length, Speed,Temperature, Time, Area, Energy, Frequency, Fuel Economy, Mass,Plane Angle, Pressure, Volume, Data Transfer Rate, Digital Storage.More will be added in future.✓ Built-In Calculator to perform basicarithmetic operations on the fly while using the unit converter.✓Add and customize Favorite Units.✓ Simple, easy to useUI.PERMISSION• Internet connection: to update the latest exchangerates.FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONSWe'd love to hear from you!Send usyour feedback via [email protected]
BudRey - Personal Budget & Expense Manager 1.0.2
Rey Pham
BudRey is a budgeting application that focuses solely on trackingand managing your expense. With simple and beautiful Material UI,BudRey will help you always stay on budget and enjoy a healthy andbalanced financial life.The app is available for all devicesrunning Android version 4.2 or higherKEY FEATURES✓ Add andcustomize your budget✓ Track your expenses easily✓ Get an overviewof your budget quickly✓ View your spending history✓ BeautifulMaterial Design UIFEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONSWe'd love to hear fromyou!• Email: [email protected]