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Metaio Toolbox 6.0.2
Metaio GmbH
The Metaio Toolbox allows to map, i.e.capture, reality in order to run Augmented Reality (AR) experiencesrelated with your direct surrounding or objects close to you. Theproduced "3D maps" can be exported to your computer and usedtogether with Metaio SDK in any of your AR scenario apps, orimported into Metaio Creator.In addition, you can display and edit your existing AugmentedReality scenarios by transferring an AREL package to your phone.Transforms of rendered content, such as translation, rotation andscale, can be adjusted directly inside Toolbox.The application also allow you to calibrate the devicecamera.
Junaio Augmented Reality
Metaio GmbH
*** Download the newest Junaio today! ***Junaio is the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser.It’s a fast and easy way to discover your world. Find local events,offers and listings; scan QR codes and barcodes to get instantaccess to additional information; unlock augmented content onimages and objects to play games or experience new virtualinteractions.Ever felt lost or bored, even in your own city?✔ Is there a new film or exhibition in town?Where is the nearest ATM, taxi or subway station? What’s the bestplace for dinner tonight? Junaio is the mobile companion you needto get around.Do you have difficult time navigation through life in maps orlists?✔ Junaio uses state-of-the-Art Augmented Reality technology todisplay all available information exactly where it belongs – yourpoint of view.Do you wish you could just scan everything like a QR code?✔ Use the Scan View to scan QR codes and to get instant access toproduct information, and web pages. Or use visual search todiscover content in AR enabled images.Tired of downloading different apps all the time??✔ Junaio combines content from popular apps like eBay classifieds,Valpak, Foursquare, Instagram, Eventbrite, and many more in just asingle application. Easily browse all available junaio channels andget real-time updates on all your favorite content.Want to try something new every day?✔ Entertainment is just a swipe away. Discover AR Games, Quizzesand other exciting content - updated constantly. With over 1500existing and about 100 new channels per month, you’ll never run outof new stuff to check out.Junaio is now also compatible with Cardboard through theexperimental settings (Junaio menu > Settings > Stereomode)Download Junaio now and explore your world of AugmentedReality.Please let us know what you think! Say hello to us at: [email protected]***Comments about Junaio ***✔ The way you can see stuff in 3D makes it awesome. –Bernando✔ Works well and the 3D rendering is awesome. It’s amazing how3D appears over your desk and you can interact with it. Cool! –ferdy182✔ Seeing the augmented reality for the first time was a magicalexperience – it´s like there is a hologram in your living room. Theapp was very simple and made it easy to load augmented content withthe “scan” button. There was not need to search, just point andclick. – WonderBreadMan