Liga de Fútbol Profesional Apps

La Liga Virtual Arena 1.0.16
Virtual Arena is an application for tablets and smartphones thatwill allow you to experience football from the inside. A genuinesecond screen for obtaining and sharing the information that wasonly available to professional teams up until now.For this purpose, we draw on the professional technology ofMediaCoach, a multimatch player-tracking system in real time. Theteams in the Liga BBVA and the Liga Adelante are currently usingthis technology to carry out live performance analysis of playersand teams in order to obtain all the necessary information and datarequired for generating stats, reports and in-depth analysis.Download it, try it out and start feeling like a real footballingpro when discussing football with your friends!FEATURE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS APP!- SECOND SCREEN: Experience football like you’ve never imaginedpossible. Discover our player-tracking technology fitted at allLiga BBVA team stadiums.- VIRTUAL ARENA: The very latest in match analysis. Virtual matcheslive as well as tactical analysis tools.- STATISTICS: Track player performance in real time. Assess thetechnical-tactical-physical performance of teams and playerslive.- HIGHLIGHTS: The best video highlights from the week’s football.Enjoy video highlights for every match.- MEDIACOACH INDEX: The most objective performance analysisavailable. A model for calculating based on demarcation and theevents and actions from the matchday and the season.- HOME SCREEN: Design your own home screen with the cards from yourfavourite sections.AND OF COURSE, IN ADDITION YOU CAN:- Follow and track play according to the position of the ball usingthe automatic camera ensuring you won’t miss a thing thanks to thezoom option.- Discover team line-ups before the kick-off and personalizecontent to enable you to access the content of your favourite teamsfaster.- Get instant event updates with alerts in real time.- Perform in-depth match analysis using the tactical tools:off-side, team lines and distances, play breadth and depth,distance between selected players, etc.- View results, fixtures and standings for the Liga BBVA and theLiga Adelante- And much, much more for you to discover.We would be grateful to get your opinion, please rate the app andsend your suggestions to us so we can continue to improve the app.Send us your feedback to [email protected] Your opinion really doesmatter to us.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE
La Liga - Spanish Soccer League Official 7.1.4
Download the Official App of LaLiga and follow Atlético de Madrid -Real Madrid live! Configure the alerts and find out about all thenews of the Madrid derby. Experience all the excitement of LaLigafootball and the European competitions for the 2018-19 season onthe new LaLiga Official App Check all the fixtures in the officialcalendar for the 2018-19 season. You will find information onLaLiga Santander, LaLiga 123, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League,UEFA Europa League and Liga Iberdrola. Don't miss the latest newson Spanish and international football and stay up-to-date with thelatest goals, kick-off times and live match results. Enjoy theextensive content on your football teams and favourite players:Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla FC, Messi,Bale, Griezmann, Luis Suárez, and many more. Here are the mainfeatures of the new LaLiga Official App: 🕗 Kick-off times, resultsand league tables: LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 123, Copa del Rey, UEFAChampions League, UEFA Europa League, Liga Iberdrola and more.🎙Live Commentary: Follow every detail of your favourite footballmatches minute-by-minute. You can also follow them and comment onthem on Twitter. ⭐ “My favourite team” section: Personalise theapplication with the colours and contents of your team to accessquickly and easily the next games and games played, clubinformation, squads, statistics, social media, videos of thehighlights, pre-match content and all the news on your favouriteclub. 📢 Push notifications: Thanks to the push notifications on theofficial app, you can set up alerts on anything that happens inyour favourite teams' matches: matchday kick-off times, line-ups,kick-offs and final whistles, goals, video highlights, red cards,substitutions and penalties. You can also configure them to yourliking, according to your favourite team and preferences. Youdecide which alerts you want to receive for better coverage of livematches. 📰 News: Receive the latest news on Spanish teams, nationalleagues, European competitions and official LaLiga press releases.Enjoy the best video highlights of the matches, pre-match build-upand other news from the world of football. #⃣ Social media: All theinformation from the official LaLiga accounts and its apps onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube ⚽ “Teams” section: the newOfficial App allows you to access all the information related toyour favourite club. Enjoy up-to-date multimedia content withphotos and videos: check kick-off times and match results; look atessential information on clubs and stadiums; consult the squads,club statistics and players. Get football on your mobile Downloadthe only official LaLiga app right now for free and enjoy the bestof your favourite teams: Alaves, Betis, Getafe, Levante, Athletic,Celta, Girona, Real Sociedad, Atletico, Eibar, Huesca, Rayo,Barcelona, Espanyol, Leganes, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia,Valladolid, Villarreal, Albacete, Alcorcon, Almeria, Cadiz,Cordoba, Deportivo, Elche, Extremadura, Nastic, Granada, LasPalmas, Lugo, Malaga, Mallorca, Numancia, Osasuna, Majadahonda,Oviedo, Zaragoza, Reus, Sporting and Tenerife. Find moreinformation on: ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽
LaLigaSportstv - Official soccer channel in HD 5.1.1
Do not miss out on the day´s goals or highlights of your favouriteteam´s match. The best football videos on the official La LigaSports tv channel All the results from LaLiga Santander, LaLiga1|2|3, the Women´s First Division - Liga Iberdrola on theLaLigaSportstv app. On LaLigaSportstv you can enjoy the followingCONTENT for FREE: ✔ HIGHLIGHTS: Relive the goals from all the gameswith football videos from LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3 and theWomen´s First Division. ✔ WOMEN´S 1ST DIVISION. LIGA IBERDROLA:Highlight videos, live content and special programs linked to theLiga Iberdrola. All the details of the top level women´scompetition. ✔ LFP WORLD CHALLENGE: Videos and live broadcasts ofthe main sports events backed by LaLiga Santander. ✔ PREVIOUSSEASONS: Highlights videos with the goals of all the LaLiga matchesof past seasons. Relive all the most legendary moves and rememberthe best goals by your favourite side: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona,Sevilla, Atlético Madrid, Real Sociedad, Villarreal, Athletic,Celta, Eibar, Huesca, Espanyol, Alavés, Rayo, Betis, Valladolid,Leganés, Valencia, Levante, Girona and Getafe. ✔ PRESS AREA:Reactions from the stars of the day´s games. Do not miss out on asingle detail of events. Interviews and match ratings immediatelyafter they finish. ✔ REPORTS: Discover the more human side of yourfavourite football players. You will find content about Messi,Casemiro, Luis Suárez, Iago Aspas, Diego Costa, Piqué, Sergio Ramosand Griezmann among others. You will also find videos aboutfootball legends. ✔ LaLigaSports: LaLiga with Spanish sport. Aunique space where you can find interviews, reports, livebroadcasts... LaLigaSports offers you all the Spanish sports newsto make sure you miss out on nothing! You will also be able toenjoy all the LaLigaSportstv content more conveniently and easilythanks to the SECTIONS: ➞ MY TEAM: a section that enables you todirectly access all of your favourite football team´s videos,ordered according to how recent they are and organised intocategories: goals, highlights and programs. ➞ ON THE HOME PAGE: Itcan be configured so that the first football videos that appear arethose of your team. Here you will find the latest videos with thebest play and the best goals by your favourite players from theLaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1|2|3 teams. Are you a fan of RealMadrid or Barça? Do not miss out on anything and find out theresults from games! ➞ FAVOURITES: You can now select and storevideos from your favourite football games in which your players andteam have shown their full potential and scored their best goals,which means you can view them whenever you want. ➞ WATCH LATER: Alist where you can add the football videos that you want to watchlater. ➞ NOTIFICATIONS: completely configurable, you receivenotifications of the content that is of interest to you,highlights, press area, etc. LaLigaSportstv is the app you can useto immediately access live games and the day´s goals wherever youare. So that you can sleep easy, knowing that you have seen all theaction. More information on our official web and Social Networks: Explore other LaLiga appson our website:
La Liga Stats Oficial 2.4.6
Every statistics of LaLiga Santander in abrand-new design with social approach to prove your friends who isthe best expert in Spanish football.Remember you can access now from your own smartphone every factsand figures of LaLiga any time at the official app's faster: Jordi Alba or Carvajal? Who's got better passaccuracy: Bruno Soriano or Koke?Challenge your friends and win every single debate aboutLaLiga!How do you get the right answers? Download LaLiga Stats and getinfographics before and after every match featuring data suchas:- Win/Loss record of former clashes between teams- Live stats update during the games- Top stats of best player of each team on these categories: goalattempts, assists, defensive actions, playmaking and manymore!Cast your vote after every LaLiga game for the most valuable playeron the field and check rankings of all LaLiga players.Show your expertise to your friends and find out who knows bestabout Spanish football league!LaLiga Stats: official application for the greatest experts inSpanish footballDownload the free version right now!In this very moment you can get the latest update and enjoy theimprovements.Find out URL:
La Quiniela en vivo - Oficial 2.1.1
Selecciona el tipo de apuesta deportiva y sigue los resultados delos partidos de fútbol en directo. Aplicación oficial de la LaLigay Loterías y Apuestas del Estado para el juego con más tradicióndel fútbol español. ¡Una nueva forma de vivir la quiniela para latemporada 2017 - 2018! - ACTUALIZACIÓN EN DIRECTO: Una vezcomenzada la jornada, la aplicación hace un seguimiento en vivo detus pronósticos de fútbol. De forma muy visual e intuitiva podrássaber en tiempo real el número de aciertos o fallos de tusQuinielas. También el resultado y el estado en el que se encuentracada partido de los que componen el boleto. - INTRODUCE Y GUARDATUS QUINIELAS: Con esta aplicación puedes rellenar la Quiniela dela jornada, realizando apuestas simples o múltiples y tantas comoquieras. ¡Disfruta de las apuestas deportivas de una formadistinta! - AYUDAS A LA ELECCIÓN: información relevante en cadapartido para que te sirva de referencia a la hora de realizar tuspronósticos. Descubre las posibilidades de cada signo. - ACCEDE ALA COMPRA DE TUS QUINIELAS: Una vez completada podrás validar tuquiniela o quinielas a través de Loterías y Apuestas del Estadodesde tu propio teléfono. - RECIBE NOTIFICACIONES: Totalmenteconfigurables, recibe notificaciones sobre la información másrelevante de la jornada de quiniela. El bote de la jornada,resultados finales de cada partido, escrutinio, premios, etc. No tepierdas nada de tu apuesta de fútbol. - ARCHIVO HISTÓRICO: Laaplicación te permite acceder a un archivo con tus quinielasrealizadas y resultados obtenidos, pero también al histórico deacertantes y premios de todas las jornadas disputadas, hayasparticipado o no en ellas. COMPARTE TUS QUINIELAS: Compare lasapuestas de fútbol que realices con tus amigos a través deWhatsApp, e-mail… Si necesitas más información, la aplicacióncuenta con una sección tutorial que explica todo el funcionamientode la misma. Descárgala ahora de forma gratuita. Recuerda que parajugar a La Quiniela debes ser mayor de 18 años. Para másinformación: the type of sports bet and follow the matches live football.Official application of Laliga and State Lotteries to play withmore tradition of Spanish football. A new way of living the bettingfor the 2017 season - 2018! - LIVE UPDATE: After starting the day,the application keeps track of your live football forecasts. Veryvisual and intuitive way you can know the number of successes orfailures of your Quinielas in real time. Also the result and thestate in which each party is making up the ticket. - INTRODUCE andsave your Quinielas: With this application you can fill thePredictor of the day, making single or multiple bets and as many asyou want. Enjoy sports betting in a different way! - AID FORCHOICE: relevant information in every game for you to serve as areference when making your predictions. Discover the possibilitiesof each sign. - AGREES TO PURCHASE YOUR Quinielas: Once completedyou can validate your pool or pools through State Lotteries fromyour own phone. - Receive notifications: Fully configurable,receive notifications on the most relevant information on the dayof betting. The boat of the day, final results of each party,scrutiny, awards, etc. Do not miss any of your football bet. -HISTORY FILE: The application allows you to access a file with yourquinielas made and results obtained, but also the history ofacertantes and awards of all rounds played, you participated or notin them. SHARE YOUR Quinielas: Compare football bets you make withyour friends via WhatsApp, e-mail ... If you need more information,the application has a tutorial section that explains the entireoperation thereof. Download it now for free. Remember to playPredictor must be over 18 years. For more
LaLiga Puzzle - Official 1.51.7
Want to feel all the thrills of professionalsoccer on your Android? If you like trading cards, then this is thegame is for you!La Liga Puzzle - the Official Liga de Fútbol Profesional andPanini trading card game for the 2015 -2016 season for iPhone andiPad. Enjoy thrilling matches and collect stickers of the beautifulgame’s greatest stars.● It’s here at last! The one and only Fútbol Puzzle from LaLiga. From now on you will be able to test your skills andknowledge about Spain’s top two soccer divisions (BBVA andAdelante).● Get started by learning about the best colour patterns andways to use your strategy against your friends or other playersfrom around the world!● Show how good you are at this kind of game by battling yourway into the Liga BBVA in Campaign Mode as you collect stickers ofthe best players in the League.● Try to reach the top of the world division in multiplayermode.GAME MODE - PUZZLECombine coloured balls that have previously been assigned to eachplayer, and try to push the ball out of your half and createchances to score in your opponent's goal. When the ball is in yourhalf, it’s your players’ defensive value that counts, while it’sthe attack value that counts in the opposition’s half. Don’t forgetto store goalkeeper points so he can save your opponent’s shots.And remember, the players that have the edge are the ones that getto make the most combinations in L, T or in the super LIGA combo.You will even be able to create super unstoppable combinations bymaking multiple combinations in a single move.In the game you will be able to:CUSTOMIZE YOUR TEAMDesign your own crest and fight for your team!HAVE YOUR OWN VIRTUAL STICKER ALBUM (LIGA 2015 - 2016)Collect stickers of all the players of La Liga de FútbolProfesional and find out which ones you are missing. The moreplayers you have, the better chance you have of putting together acompetitive team that’ll be able to win games. Let’s startplaying!GOING SHOPPINGYou will be able to buy different stickers depending on their level(Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum!), as well as POWER UPs thatwill improve your players’ performance on the field:● Super show: Doubles your players’ shooting power.● Super defense: Doubles your players’ defensive value.● Super Goalkeeper: Doubles your goalkeeper's value.● Energy drink: Will recover any player from exhaustion so thatthey can carry on playing.LEVEL UP AND GET MORE STICKERS IN CAMPAIGN MODECompete with your team in a campaign and battle to reach the top,get awesome rewards and collect Liga stickers to keep improvingyour team.BECOME FAMOUS IN THE INCREDIBLE MULTIPLAYER MODEPlay in real time against your friends and other players. Test yourwits, follow your team’s progress and show off your skills on thefield!Looking for the best La Liga 2015 – 2016 soccer card tradinggame? Download La Liga Puzzle now!More info at:http://www.lfp.es
LaLiga Fantasy MARCA️ 2019 - Soccer Manager 4.1.0
Show who knows more about football with the one the only OfficialManager of LaLiga Santander for the 2018/2019 season. Start now aleague with your friends and live the football emotion in adifferent way. Manage your football club and compete against yourfriends in the one and only official football manager for LaLigaSantander. Create your football league with friends and compete tobe the best football manager in the spanish league! FREE! What areyou and your friends waiting for? Became a top coach likeLopetegui, Simeone, Valverde, Guardiola, Ancelotti, Mourinho...Manage your football team signing the stars of Real Madrid, FCBarcelona, Atletico… And find out who is the best football manageramongst your friends! Create your league and play the best footballgame with friends… the ONLY Official LaLiga Santander manager game,totally FREE and with live scores. NEW GLOBAL RANKING The newglobal ranking is now available in all the public leagues of LaLigaFantasy MARCA! Discover which manager leads the Fantasy leagues,fight to be the best and win fantastic prizes. Your rivals arewaiting for you! TRUE STATS LIVE SCORES SYSTEM The players’ scoresare based on their actual performances during LaLiga Santandermatches. All in real time! Follow LaLiga live while having fun withthe official football manager of LaLiga Santander! In the transfermarket, manage your budget, buy the best LaLiga players; Messi,Luis Suárez, Bale... And play with your friends as if you were atop LaLiga manager; Zidane, Simeone, etc. HOW IT WORKS Have youplayed the NFL, NBA, or the Premier League Fantasy games… Prepareyourself for the Official Fantasy game of LaLiga Santander! Weexplain how it works: 1. Register FREE on the app and obtain a teamand a budget for transfers. 2. Manage the line-up of your team andchoose the tactics. 3. Buy / Sell football players in the transfermarket and improve your team for become the best coach. 4. Inviteyour opponents and win exclusive prizes. Download LaLiga FantasyMARCA and become the best football manager in Spain! NEW GLOBALRANKING The new global ranking is now available! Discover who leadsthe Fantasy leagues, fight to be the best and win fantastic prizes.Your rivals are waiting for you! SECTIONS OF THE OFFICIAL FOOTBALLMANAGER OF LALIGA STANDINGS Check the global standings, thefixtures, and the values of your opponent´s teams. Click on any ofyour opponents to see their starting lineup, and make offers fortheir players even if they are not for sale. Invite more friends tojoin with a click through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger orany other application. TEAM Here are your football players! We giveyou 14 players, choose the best formation for your squad and makeall the changes that you want until you find your ideal lineup.Before the start of the fixture you must review this section tosave your lineup and play that weekend’s match. Are you a goodfootball manager? Prove it on LaLiga Fantasy MARCA! MARKET Thissection shows players that are transferable in your league. The“Market” section refreshes constantly, that's why you must check itdaily and make smart offers. Manage your money well: If you takeyour account into the red your team will receive no points for thefollowing matchdays. Review the received offers and test yournegotiating abilities. Here you could buy the best players inLaLiga Santander. Sign the players of Real Madrid, Real Madrid, FCBarcelona, Sevilla, Atlético de Madrid, Real Sociedad, Villarreal,Athletic, Celta, Eibar, Espanyol, Valladolid, Huesca, RayoVallecano, Betis, Leganés, Valencia, Alavés, Getafe, Levante andGirona. The LaLiga Fantasy MARCA game is more exciting when playedwith friends! Why are you waiting to download the Official footballmanager of LaLiga Santander? Do it now, the download is 100% free!
Head Soccer LaLiga 2019 - Best Soccer Games 5.1.1
⚽HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA 2019 - Soccer Games ⚽ is the official freesports game for Spanish League Soccer for 2018-2019 season! Chooseyour favourite soccer teams among the official LaLiga teams,unleash your powerful shots and take your football team to the topof the soccer world rankings! ¡Score thousand of goals using thebig head of your footballer and become the ultimate champion andthe hero of your soccer team! Download one of the best soccer gamesfor free and enjoy playing soccer with all the soccer clubs andsuperstars from LaLiga! Start as a newbie and level up through allcategories: rookie, professional, champion, all-star… and finallyreach the top of the world and be a soccer legend in soccer games.Impress the FIFA and the fans by scoring incredible goals in thebest official soccer stadiums: Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón, … Whatis your favourite soccer team? Select a soccer team from the dreamleague and play as a mini footballer with a bobble head.Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, … only Head Soccer LaLiga 2019- Soccer Games has all the official soccer players from LaLiga!Join millions of players in this exciting soccer games and enjoyplaying with all your favourite footballers: Messi, Griezmann,… Nowyou just need to choose your big-headed soccer player, get out onthe field, show off your skills and win tournaments in-game! Onlythe best players are able to take on this soccer challenge! Showoff your ball skills and beat each round as though it were a final!Try to survive in the most astonishing soccer matches jumping ashigh as you can, kicking stronger and sprinting faster than allyour rivals within the game. Score amazing goals in every clash andwin all the cups, leagues and tournaments. Download Head SoccerLaLiga 2019 - Soccer Games League now, the best sport games offootball teams ! == GAME FEATURES== OFFICIAL LICENSES FROM LALIGA⚽Play football in real stadiums with all your idols. The only sportsgame with the original soccer clubs and players from the SpanishLeague Soccer for 2018-2019 season! TRAIN AND IMPROVE⚽ Evolve yoursoccer players and their skills: SPEED to move quickly down thefield, SHOT to make it unstoppable, JUMP to leap higher in eachattack and defense, SPRINT to overtake your rivals, POWER UP toreduce the time between special shots… Level up and be the ultimatescore hero! AMAZING SPECIAL SHOTS⚽ Defeat all the opponents usingthe shocking special kicks: Dragon Ball, Orange Machine, FallingStar… And more! Each with stunning light and sound effects!Ultimate extreme football! DIVISIONS⚽ Create your player andcompete. Choose from three categories within the game: bronze,silver, and gold. Win games to reach the Gold category and beatother players in the ranking. Victories will earn you rewards thatyou can use to level up your player. GAME MODES⚽ Try the CUP, wherechampions are remembered! Go down in history through all of therounds and enjoy playing in the Final Cup! Start a FRIENDLY matchand play soccer games against any club you want! Consistency is keyto success in the LEAGUE! You must face off against all of theteams and gain points from each match to be ranked at the top ofthe table by the end of the season. BEAT YOUR FRIENDS⚽ Sync yourprogress with Google Play Games and Facebook. How many goals couldyou score? Even Luis Figo has fun playing Head Soccer LaLiga -Soccer Games, check it out: Play in the Dream League,reach the Gold Division. Enjoy playing Head Soccer LaLiga 2019 -Soccer Games ! This app uses Wi-fi or mobile data (if available) todownload game content and advertising. You can disable mobile datausage on this game from within Settings/Mobile Data. Visit us at:
La Liga - Official App 1.0.18
LaLiga Android TV:The Official LaLiga channel with unlimited accessto all the highlights and live data of every LaLiga game. On LaLigaAndroid TV you will receive the following CONTENT for FREE:-Highlights: Catch the best moves from your favourite team and don’tmiss a single goal. - Standings: Keep an eye on how your rivals aredoing!- Results: Look back over the results of each team to date.Ifyou want to know what is happening in a specific game… You can callup the current results, kickoff times, the minute-by-minutecommentaries, the lineups, videos and photos from the games, andthe previews.Now, there is no excuse for you missing any LaLigagame! Download LaLiga Android TV and enjoy all this for free, andmuch more! For more information visit our official website andsocial mediasites.www.laliga.es
Head Soccer Heroes 2018 - Football Game 1.5.7
Become a legend of La Liga and lead your team to victory with HeadSoccer Heroes! Live the intensity and the emotion of football andcreate your own epic team using the players from the Panini cardpacks. Prepare your strategy with the puzzles, level up and improveyour characters, and score astonishing goals in this game thatcombines puzzles and RPG set in La Liga with the collaboration ofPanini!Connect defensive and offensive gems to carry out the bestplay, score goals and have fun with this impressive puzzle andfootball game of La Liga with wonderful graphics. Kick off yourcareer as a professional football player and turn into a star! Yourmoves on the board have an impact on the playing field and thenumber of goals you score. Play as forward, midfielder, or defensein the most comprehensive football RPG.Train hard to improve yourskills and abilities and there won't be a goalie able to stop yourpowerful shots! Hire new players for your team and use yourteammates' special powers to tilt the balance in your favor.Improve your players' abilities to win games and reach the peak ofinternational football! Who will be the best defense, forward orgoalie? Who will have the most powerful shot, the quickest dribble,the best technique? You choose who deserves a place in your lineup.In this La Liga football and puzzle game you are both the playerand the trainer!Play different seasons and cups to complete yourcareer as a professional player. Overcome all the challenges,obtain rewards for each mission and gain experience to level up andimprove your abilities. Take part in weekly events to beat playerslike Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Win points in the events playinggames against other players from around the world. Win the gamesand qualify for the next round. You will have special rewards, andeven obtain players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Piqué, Griezmannand many more!Defeat your opponents and get players from otherteams to join yours in order to be the very best. You can becomethe most powerful football team of all time! Join 3 gems to scoregoals, win championships, gain fame, dominate the playing field andyour fans will follow you to the end!GAME FEATURESAMAZING GRAPHICS*Incredible graphics for La Liga fans!* Play with players such asCristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Neymar, Suarez, Bale, Benzema,and many more!* Spectacular animations and special powers for yourfavorite players!TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR ABILITIES* Train andimprove your team throughout the game to obtain the best lineup!*Unlock incredible powers and special abilities for your players.*Gain experience to level up your players and improve theirqualities and special attacks.COLLECTIBLE CARD SYSTEM* Get cardpacks based on Panini, open them and discover hundreds of differentplayers. Can you collect them all?* Modify your initial lineup withcharismatic characters, each with his own special abilities andcharacteristics.* Goalies, defenses, midfielders and forwards. Allthey need is a great leader to become master scorers!TWO GAMEMODES: OFFLINE AND ONLINE* Play football offline in the CampaignMode: from humble beginnings to international football superstar.*Challenge players from all over the world in the Event Mode andreach the top of the ranking.* Special tournaments, championshipsand cups with incredible rewards.FOOTBALL MEETS MATCH 3* Watch yourmoves on the board and observe the effect they have on the game.*Defend the rival attack, steal the ball, dribble the opponent, passto a teammate and score fantasy goals!* A combo of football andmatch 3 the likes of which have never been seen.DOWNLOAD NOW ANDSTART PLAYING THIS FOOTBALL RPG GAME!
La Liga – Official Football App commit_tag
Keep informed of everything that happens in LaLiga Santander fromyour Tag Heuer watch with the LaLiga Official Football App. Receivealerts, schedule and results of your favorites teams and players:Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Sevilla FC, Messi,Bale, Griezmann, Luis Suárez... All the info about the ProfessionalFootball League for 2018-2019 season on your wrist. You cancustomize the watchface with your favorite team and take a look towhat is happening on the live match, see comments, goals, theresult and activate the alerts so you don’t miss any detail.WATCHFACE: Customize the watchface of the Tag Heuer watch with yourfavorite team. You could check when is the next match, the timeleft to it and a direct access to the Official LaLiga App if youneed more details. Once the match starts, you would see theimportant events on live in a quick view. MAIN MENU: Check whatmatches are being played during the week, the standings, chooseyour favorite team and manage the alerts easily. LIVE COMMENTS,minute by minute, for you to don't miss any detail. LINE-UP: Take alook to the line-ups before the match. You could check if yourfavorite player is playing the game: Messi, Bale, Griezmann, LuisSuárez, Pedro León... STANDINGS of the best league in the world,with all the details. MY TEAM: Customize the content of the app andaccess easily to all the coming up games. ALERTS: Real timenotifications service, receive the kick-off, line-ups, goals, fulltime of the games and many more. Completely customizable, youchoose. Optimized alerts for a better coverage of the matches onlive. Download it now for FREE. More information on: DISCLAIMER: This LaLiga app is exclusiveto TAG Heuer smart watches and can not be used on other AndroidWear devices.
Tiny Striker LaLiga 2019 - Soccer Game 1.0.10
Become LaLiga’s top goalscorer with Tiny Striker LaLiga 2019! TinyStriker is an exclusive and official LaLiga soccer game for the2018/19 season. You have only 60 seconds to score as many goals asyou can. Score as many goals as possible, seize victory and becomethe man of the match. Progress goal by goal, matchday by matchday,and prove that you are the best striker in the only official LaLigapenalty shootout game. Start out in a third division club and playin every game of the matchday until you rise to the elite of worldsoccer. Prove your skills and sign for the best teams in the firstand second divisions. Your agent will negotiate exclusive offersfor you to sign for some of the top clubs in world soccer. RealMadrid, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Betis, Valencia CF, D.Alaves... and many more are waiting for you in the best penaltyshootout game of the 2018/19 season. Enjoy the best soccer withLaLiga players! Compete against your favourite stars: Bale, Messi,Griezman… and other footballers from the 42 LaLiga Santander andLaLiga 123 teams. ⭐ Personalise your player to the max: Is heleft-footed or right-footed? Does he have a Joaquin Sanchez hairdo?What’s your lucky shirt number? Choose from among thousands ofdifferent configurations and bring the best striker in the world tolife. ⚽️ Coach your striker: Increase his shooting power andimprove the curl he puts on the ball to take on the toughestopponents and come out victorious in every match. You will alsohave the opportunity to sign up with official LaLiga sponsors,giving you access to improvements and exclusive challenges thatwill put your skills as a striker to the test. Play with LaLiga’stop sponsors: Santander, Nike, TAG Heuer, EA, El Corte Ingles,Samsung, Sportium, STIHL, Mazda, Mahou, Allianz, Danone, Marquesdel Atrio, Solan de Cabras, MBE Mail Boxes ETC, Vitaldent... 🔥Superpowers: Freeze your opponents, shoot fireballs, look forsupport from a teammate and glide past defenders, and even controltime at your leisure… Discover these and many more abilities youcan use during matches to astound your opponents. Taste the glory!🛒 Store: Increase the power and bend of your shots by donning thebest boots and snapping up exclusive balls from your sponsors. Youcan also obtain energy to keep your player in tip-top shape at alltimes. Kit up and defeat any opponent! 📅 Match of the day: Chooseone of the teams available each matchday and pass all of the levelsto win impressive rewards as you progress through the matches. Canyou complete all of the levels? Experience the excitement of themost exciting free-kick game of all time! 🥇Become the best strikerin LaLiga and the world over.🥇 Download Tiny Striker LaLiga 2019now! More information at: ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽
La Liga Educational games - Games for kids 2.6
⚽️EDUCATIONAL GAMES AND PUZZLES FOR CHILDREN - Official Game ofLaLiga ⚽️ Have fun and learn with this collection of freeeducational games for kids and learn with your favorite soccerplayers! This application is aimed at children between 4 and 11years, with more than 40 games and puzzles that will help themimprove reading, simple math operations, paint and color, solvepuzzles, as well as train different cognitive skills through fungames in which the players of the Spanish League will appear. Solvepuzzles with images of the shields of each team and all footballstadiums. A good way to learn with first division soccer players. -COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS - The goal of the game is that boysand girls can learn while getting player badgets in each game. Eachtime they complete a game a new image of their idols will beunlocked. -- FEATURES -- - More than 40 educational games -Discover the entire collection of players and teams of firstdivision from the 2018-2019 League - For 4-to-11 year old children- Puzzles and drawings to learn and color - Helps develop cognitiveand psychomotor skills - Free game These soccer games are designedto help children develop cognitive skills such as attention,memory, perception or coordination, among others. In this regard,the application offers different categories of games: - REASONINGAND PROCESSING SPEED - Children can perform simple operations aswell as solve simple problems. Learn to do calculations with yourfavorite players! In these games you will find exercises to connectdots and form shapes, simple equations, more complex equations withdynamic elements, put in order numerical sequences or numbercrosswords. - ATTENTION AND VISUAL ACUITY GAMES - To stimulateattention we propose a list of games that develop the visual acuityof shapes and the perception through images and drawings. In thisway, children can play to find differences between two images,color images and mosaics, find hidden objects, play word search,mazes, association of elements, find the intruder... - MEMORYTRAINING - Children can perform memorization exercises: memorizepairs of elements, repeat sequences, memorize actions or associateitems. CONTACT US